Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Football--My Favorite!

Aw football, my long lost friend. You come around at the end of every summer and never stay long enough. You are the only good thing about fall as I desperately miss the warm summer sun. Ok, I do enjoy the fall colors as well.

Here are some snapshots of my favorite football player, Micah #16!

Playing Quarterback

Micah and his youngest fan!

Team Captains

Lyndsie and Eli cheer on Micah!

The entire family gets in on the action!

Micah #16 playing safety, and his buddies Jared & Jacob (twins)

Micah is also the punter!

Micah's interception! (He has had 4 so far this year!)

He is a sophomore this year. He plays quarterback, safety, punter, and slot receiver. His favorite is safety because then he gets to play receiver as well!

Oh, and did I mention the PGHS Viking Sophomore team is undefeated? Yep, they are 4-0!

Yes, I'm ready for some football!
--and I'm a very proud Mama Jones!