Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stupid Things

So many STUPID things lately!  Some I cannot control, some I should have prevented.

Don't ya just hate when STUPID things just jump right our of your mouth before you think?  You know, like asking a plump women when she is due--and she's not pregnant...STUPID things like that.  Yep, I had a major STUPIDITY moment lately.  No Bueno.

Then there are the STUPID things that one cannot control that just come and dare us to deal with them...usually several STUPID things at once.  These are the things that though unexpected, can usually be handled ONE thing at a time.  However, when several happen at once it can be overwhelming.  I usually handle this situation by staying in bed!  Don't worry, I'll get up tomorrow and try again!

Ever feel like you are continually banging your head against a wall?  
Yeah, me too!