Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bi-Polar Observations

It seems that there are several things today that I would classify as bi-polar.

First of all, BYU basketball team. They played so amazing yesterday--I mean Mr. Jimmer got 52 points after all! They OWNED the game, the floor, the Thomas & Mack Center....all of it! They beat a team we haven't beat in like 3 of the last times we played them. Then today, Mr. Jimmer wasn't quite as hot. As amazing as they were last night, tonight was the polar opposite. We lost to a team we beat twice this season. Bi-polar basketball boys!

Next we have the weather today. It was cloudy this morning, a bit breezy, and kind of on the cold side. Then this afternoon we had the most beautiful sunshine. I sat in my porch swing--well, it's a swing but not on the porch...anyhow--with my sweet soul sister, Dena and we visited, laughed, complained, solved the world's problems, donned sunglasses, and pretended it was summertime. My nose even got a little pink! Then a few hours later...BAM, thunder, lightning, hail, and rain! Bi-polar Utah weather!

Then there are my legs. may say. Well, let me explain. While I move, my legs are fine. But if I sit down, try to watch relax, work at a desk, etc., they go NUTS! Micah and I worked for a few hours in the yard. We raked, gathered up piles of branches, old leaves, and the recently pruned rosebush mess--and hauled them to the 'burn' pile. Not once did my legs give me fits. But when I quit the physical activity and tried to watch the aforementioned bi-polar basketball game, my legs wanted to jump out of my skin! Bi-polar jumpy legs!

Life is just bi-polar!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Gnome for the Home!

Today I bought Lyndsie a Gnome! It was the most fun thing I have done in a very, very long time!

On another note, I totally need to vent:

1. A lady told our cashier at work that her son was 'climbing on the bookcase and it fell on him'. She then suggested we bolt it down so that doesn't happen again. REALLY LADY? What the heck was your son doing climbing on a bookcase, and why were you not watching him?!

2. Why is it so hard for the world to believe that there are actually places and people who still believe in values such as integrity and virtue?

Ok, I feel much better! Thanks for listening.